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Hey folks!

So yesterday I stumbled upon a video that made me smile, I think it will do the same for you. I don’t want to give too much away but essentially, this video exemplifies collaboration at its core, pairing together academics and artists who have challenged themselves to redefine the way science is perceived and learned by students.

Black and Latino students of the greater New York City area make up 70% of NYC’s student body. What’s the problem, you ask? According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress taken in 2009, 4% of Black students were considered proficient in the sciences. Compare this to a rate of 27% in the science proficiency of Whites and we can clearly see that an issue exists.

Christopher Emdin, professor of math, science, and technology at Columbia University has spearheaded this endeavor, working to creating a system where students at Bronx Compass High School may have a greater opportunity to learn science via an application to rhyme and hip hop. This system is not without flaws, it is not a lofty success story — and it shouldn’t be. It’s a demonstration of true creativity, forcing us to think outside the bounds of academic norms and allowing us a peak into beginning stages of a system that could result in new learning techniques.

Follow the link titled “Hip Hop Remixes Science” to view the video.


– Bianca


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